Unique Visionz Photography, LLC is built on quality, flexibility and providing exceptional services to customers. We offer numerous photography services across a wide range of portraiture including event and product branding. Take advantage of our mobile photography services where studio equipment can be utilized to setup in home at your convenience. Let us help bring your ideas and imagery into reality. While striving to capture natural moments, we look forward to creating imagery that speaks volumes! Let's get creative, let's be UNIQUE.

Germarus Law

Atlanta, GA (Will travel) 

Portrait/Product/Fashion Photographer

Sony A7III

In 2016, I developed a strong passion for photography after taking photos of my first born son back in 2015. It was a last minute decision when I decided to borrow my friend's camera and take photos myself instead of getting them taken professionally. Needless to say, I was impressed by how nice the images came out and From that day, I decided to pursue my journey in photography. I became more enthused and started educating myself using online resources to learn the basic fundamentals to more advanced lighting and editing techniques. Still to this present day, I continue to learn and improve on my craft and retouching abilities so that I may incorporate new creative ideas into my creations. Now enough about me, I would like to know your story through a work of art.